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We are pleased to confirm that SABC1, 2 and 3 will participate in the DCF and will be looking for projects to support that fit their specific channel profiles. Please note there is no obligation from SABC1, 2 and 3 to commit to any projects pitched at the DCF.

What follows are the channel profiles of the SABC. These will give filmmakers a clearer idea of the kind of films the broadcasters are looking for:


"Portraying, creating, reflecting and celebrating the emerging culture of young South African adults."SABC1 delivers youthful, straight-talking, locally rooted and authentic programming, aimed at an audience highly optimistic about South Africa. A channel built on providing popular public service; SABC1 has increased local content and remains dedicated to an industry development programme.

The channel initiated its first documentary strand in 2002, particularly to create a taste for factual story telling and build a loyal viewership for this genre. This slot has had much success.

SABC1 programmes - and commissions - documentaries that offer a window on the real world, films that have popular appeal, and remain intelligent and engaging. The focus always being on story, style, character and, most importantly, people.


When you speak to SABC2 you speak to the heart of South Africa. The channel reflects the country's common heritage, regardless of race, creed or culture, united in diversity and a common spirit of hope. These are ordinary people from all walks of life, from the farmer's wife to the sophisticated young black dude on his way to the top. They are all too familiar with the harsh reality of life in South Africa, but they are united in a spirit of hope.

SABC2 draws strength from togetherness and centres its focus on family. Its viewers have integrity, are morally orientated and love good clean fun.

SABC2 brands itself as South Africa's premier family channel, upholding family values in an entertaining and informative manner.


An adult contemporary channel for those who work hard & play hard, worldly, urban, sophisticated and stylish. A meeting place for the best out of Africa and the rest locally rooted but globally connected. Upmarket: success-driven, open minded, cosmopolitan and aspirational. A club with open doors, whose vision is to become a trend-setting, stylish and commercial brand which defines contemporary television in South Africa. SABC3 is a channel, for those who work hard and play hard combining the glamour with accessibility and providing all the SA achievers' diverse needs on one channel. Age group 25-49 years. Middle to upper income groups.

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