Encounters and SABC Master Classes for 2005 


Cape Town

Workshop Room #1, Victoria Junction Hotel, Green Point, Cape Town


Saturday 30th July 9.30am – 12.30pm


Kim Longinotto: Discreet direction


Director and cinematographer Longinotto has the reputation for gaining access to the most extraordinary stories in far-flung lands and ‘reporting’ on them in a revealing and un-sensational way. She will talk about access, collaboration and being unobtrusive. She will be joined by her long-term sound recordist, Mary Milton.


Click here for details of Sisters in Law, Longinotto’s film showing at the Festival.



Saturday 30th July 2pm – 5pm


François Kohler: The best-laid plans…


Filmmakers mostly have an idea of what they want their films to say, but what do you do if you don’t get what you set out to capture? Kohler will talk about the apparent contradiction between documenting a story in a narrative way (and, sometimes, arranging reality to be more efficient) and letting unruly reality unfold…


Click here for details of Desert Wind, Kohler’s film showing at the Festival.






Conference Room, Old Fort, Constitution Hill, Braamfontein


Saturday 13th August 9.30am –


Leonard Retel Helmrich: Through the viewfinder


Director and cinematographer Retel Helmrich is renowned for his distinctive camera work, particularly the ‘single’ shot. He will talk about how cinematography contributes to the telling of documentary stories, and the technicalities of how he has achieved particular, seemingly effortless, shots.


Click here for details of Shape of the Moon, Retel Helmrich’s film showing at the Festival.



Saturday 13 August 2005 2pm – 5pm


Jeppe Rønde: Culture smash and grab


Is it ‘theft’ when the ‘foreigner’ comes here and tells ‘our stories’ to the rest of the world? Is it that the foreigner sees the wonderful things that we just take for granted? Finds the gems to take back home? Should we cry, “Why didn’t we do it first?” Rønde will elaborate on his experience of telling a South African tale.


Click here for details of The Swenkas, Rønde’s film showing at the Festival.



We regret to announce that Ditsi Carolino's Master Class, "Over there, over here" has had to be cancelled. Please do not hesitate to contact us should you have any further queries.




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